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Flora Mbasha Blog Now On Air ; The Home Of Gospel Music

>> Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tanzanian Gospel Singer Flora Mbasha wishes  to declare publicly the launching of her Blog as it was promised two weeks ago by her husbabd Mr Emmanuel Mbasha. The Blog is made up of mix of stories, live performance, photos and so on.

“Wherever You Are In The World , feel free to visit even comment on My Blog which in fact it is Gospel Oriented Blog for it intends to impact the so called pro-Gospel  movement in Tanzania and beyond” Flora Mbasha was quoted this morning at her home in Dar es salaam.

Flora Mbasha argued many people to visit her blog, comments, send news as well as photos so as to make everyone part of it(but she warned that all the informations, news and photos should correspond to her Blog motto which is Gospel Music for Serving God&Community).

Flora Mbasha is an International Gospel Singer based in East Africa particular in Tanzania and she has performed in different countries across the world. She has number of Albums since she got into the service more than five years ago.

You can Now Reach her through her Blog

The Report Has Been Filed By Nova Kambota From Dar es salaam on saturday 29,october,2011.

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Nova Kambota

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